Who can participate in the project?
Anyone and everyone can participate. All ages are welcome. (Past participants have been between the ages of 6 to 90 years old.)

What is the closing date for contributions?
January 1, 2004 is the last date for contributions to the Beaded Blessings Exhibit. However, the Beaded Blessings Exhibit will continue to travel worldwide for a few years beyond January 1, 2004 until it finds a permanent home. After the January 1, 2004 deadline, submissions by mail are no longer accepted. The Beaded Prayers exhibit will continue to grow but only at workshops held at exhibit venues. For more information or to schedule an exhibit of the project at your venue, please see contact information.

All others are encouraged to keep making beaded prayers with your friends and family. Make your own installation of them. Keep them as a testimony to your own community.

Seven minute videos of the Beaded Prayer Project are available on VHS ($10) and DVD ($18). Send check or money order to contact information.

How do I schedule a workshop or exhibition?
First, an exhibit space is needed to exhibit the project. Workshops led by Sonya Clark are only conducted at exhibits after January 1, 2004. Contact Sonya Clark at the address above to set up an exhibition/lecture/workshop.

What is the exhibition fee?
$4000 per 6-8 week booking period plus outgoing shipping.

What are the exhibition details?
140 2' x 2' panels. Requires 300 running feet. Security requirements: Moderate

What is taught in the workshop?
Through a visual presentation participants learn about the significance of amulet traditions and beadwork in various cultures throughout the world with a concentration on Africa. In the hands on portion, participants learn beading techniques that can be used for making two beaded prayers.

How long does the workshop take?
It can be taught in two hour, four hour, two day, or one week formats. The varied length of the workshop allows for more or less instruction in beading techniques. Groups for the two hour workshops should be no larger than 15. Longer workshops can accommodate larger groups.

What is the cost of the workshop?
The workshop is $750/day. Travel, per diem and/or lodging is additional. However, in an effort to accommodate the broadest range of participants workshop fees can be adjusted to fit your budget.

What facilities are needed?
Tables and chairs are required for the hands on portion. A slide projector and screen or blank wall to project slides are required for the accompanying lecture. All other supplies are provided.